Hippo in Space

The boundless starry sky beckons its magnificence. Dress suit with a jetpack and go into the endless expanses of space. Stars are waiting for us. Today baby Hippo - astronaut. Our starry adventure begins. As a real astronaut, you will plunge into the abyss of space. We are ready for a space adventure? Then - let's go. Kids games about space waiting for you. Wonderful arcade classic games filled up about space and a series of educational games. The land remained far behind, and our astronaut safely maneuvering between all kinds of space objects. And, as you understand, this is astronaut - baby Hippo. She flew toward the planets, asteroids and mysterious artifacts and coins. Avoid collisions with planets and asteroids and collect coins. For baby Hippo is available just three lives, but it does not matter. The more coins you gather, the more will get extra lives. It would seem that could be easier? But in our game it is not so simple. Kids games are good only if it is developing games. And our game is exactly of the type - the game on the reaction. This is a wonderful arcade game is really developing attention and the child's reaction. There is no time to yawn. Obstacles are many and they gradually decrease in size. Baby Hippo barely manages to avoid the treacherous asteroid. Help our heroine to fulfill its mission. But, like all kids games, in addition to training, our arcade will give for your child the game and sense of celebration. Wonderful decoration and cheerful music can help with this. Try our new product in a series of games for kids. Immerse yourself with the child in the. positive emotions. Stay tuned and stay with us. Our free games for boys and girls will always delight you and your children.
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