CarneyVale: Showtime

Become history's greatest circus acrobat in the enchanted land of CarneyVale. Perform aerial displays of flawless flings, death-defying stunts and fantastic flips with ragdoll physics action as Slinky the puppet in a show that will captivate your audience. Now available in English, Spanish, German, French & Italian. Unlock achievements, compete times and top the leaderboards in this fun, exciting and highly anticipated game of epic action. Features: Perform flips and tricks on trapeze like grabbers. Collect balloons to impress your fans. Manipulate props and steer rockets like a rodeo. Avoid dangerous hazards to add flair to your performance. Uncover hidden stars within the maze of levels. Make a spectacular finish as you zip through the ring of fire. Help Slinky realize his dream to become the most amazing acrobat that has ever lived. Award winner of the Dream-Build-Play ChallengeFinalist of the Independent Game FestivalFeatured as one of the 10 top games at PAXThe greatest performance of a lifetime awaits you, as you swing your way through the level for a performance that your audience will never forget. Dodge through hoops of fire, avoid flaming cannons and fly pass electrical blocks as you race your way to the end in a spectacular 5-star show.
Operating System Android