Break Brick 3D Glow Arkanoid

Break Brick Glow 3D Arkanoid is a modern game with amazing glow 3D graphics, with a neon spacial theme. The game is a remake of the classic and old game Arkanoid or brick breaker produced by old school game companies, success in the 80's and 90's. But now demolition of the bricks is much more fun, because the Break Brick Glow Arkanoid 3D is a revolution. In addition to making the game 3D, we also added new power-ups, like the mighty fireball that break several bricks at the same time; the Laser Wall to protect the ball from falling for a few seconds, regeneration item and also gold coins to increase your wealth. Also, you should raise as much as gold possible, to unlock the closed stages of the game and to buy upgrades in the market as to increase the racket (bat or paddle), increase HP. You are welcome to venture out on numerous stages and challenges testing the most of your focus and concentration to become a king in Break Brick Glow 3D Arkanoid.Break Brick Glow 3D Arkanoid has a great gameplay, can be played by children and adults because there is no content restriction, and it is a FREE game. The objective of the game is to break all the bricks to pass the level, careful not to let the ball go through the racket or paddle, losing HP every time it happens, so to finish demolish all the bricks will automatically open the next level with a new challenge and new types of tougher blocks, including blocks that will shot to hit your paddle and make it lose HP. Remembering that for Power-ups begin to fall it is necessary buying them on the market using the gold acquired in the stages.The game Brick Break Glow 3D Arkanoid has a spacial theme, with planets, galaxies and stars, giving a galactic idea the game. It's fun for children, boys and girls of all ages, children 2 years old and 3 years old can already move the paddle up and they break some bricks, they usually love the fireball.We invite all to experience and enjoy the game Brick Break Glow 3D Arkanoid, enjoy and have fun.Recalling that new worlds will be added to Break Brick Glow 3D Arkanoid over time with new challenges, new powers, special bricks and more.Description of bricks and special items that are present in Break Brick Glow 3D ArkanoidList of power ups:Fireball - very powerful ball breaks several bricks at the same timeLaser - avoid the ball from falling.three ballsIncreased rowing - increases the racket widthBricks list:Simple brick - Bricks break easily.Solid brick - more resistant bricks.Armed brick - bricks that shoot at you.Bricks with powers - Bricks broken when providing special powers to the player.History of Arkanoid or Breakout gameArkanoid or Breakout was a success Arcade 80s, one of the most popular arcade games of the history of becoming a true classic. With simple graphic, but as the game was easy to play, went on to win fans of different ages around the world.Arkanoid is one of the games that have more remake of the story, even with different names like Breakout and others, never lost the initial concept of the game is a ball and a racket or paddle and some colored bricks. The ball began to move upright the screen and the player must use the paddle to hit the ball, moving sideways. The goal is to beat the bricks and score points without letting the ball drop into the abyss.Recent changes:New World with 12 challenging stages.New movable enemy blocks.Fix minor bugs.Content rating: Low Maturity
File Size19.86 MB
Operating System Android
System RequirementsCompatible with 2.3.3 and above.