Laika - gravity dog

Gravity Dog and his Space AdventureBack in the late 80s with Laika Gravity Dog: wiggling console buttons, waggling a joystick and inserting endless coins into the hungry game machine. Yes , thats exactly what you feel playing this addictive game set in the open space and fully based on vintage games worthy of the most fashionable entertainment centres.Clever mixture between a modern game and an evergreen classic game, faster than a space race and much simpler than a space war !This vintage game has a little hero dog as protagonist and it is the revised version of the old changing gravity video games of famous and prestigious console and it is still a hit with players across the world , but now you get it in your Android device.Just if you wonder what makes Laika Gravity Dog loved , unique and why you must install it immediately , here you have :- Amazing professional game design with high resolution images and attractiveshining colors;- Vast selection of engaging levels with different and characterizing features;- Multiplayer mode with Google Play Games, have fun with family and friendsin real-time and turn-based matches;- Achievements board, check and monitor your results over the time;- As much simple gameplay logic as hard to win;- Integration of social networks and ability to rate the app from within.- Lovely 8-bit piped sounds;- Genuine and straightforward retro game;- Try once, wont stop;- No time limits.Fashinating platform game with a similar logic to bouncy ball and gravity guy games but designed and developed as a lovely puppy game set in space. Help this cute dog to not crush his head against the storm of darkness and land safely on each planet. Accept the challenge, make this pet game yours and push your dog to be the best he can and strive taking him at the top of the podium spending pleasant hours with your buddies.Take it seriously, action game with a dog coming from the Earth and eager to take on the world or just closed off the spaceship. Be extremely and maniacally careful, a small oversight can result in instant death and a launch back at the beginning of the level.Explicit advice. You like an easy win, don't you ? Well, absolutely do not install this space adventure; Otherwise, be ready to struggle and curse against everything and everyone around you. Really, you will hardly sweat the finishing line and that may be highly dangerous if you are a weak and yielding person. Completing a level will result in a permanent and incurable addiction.Nintendo games and Sega games lovers, you both got now the chance to jump into the deep cosmic darkness and start your space trip with a compulsively funny venture game.So, what are you waiting for ? Install Gravity Dog, launch the space adventure and lets start the space mission. Get on it , endless fun guaranteed !Content rating: Everyone
File Size25.23 MB
Operating System Android
System RequirementsCompatible with 2.3.3 and above.