Spunk and Moxie

a one-button super meat boy. really smooth and fast paced-IGN"Fast paced and vibrant, Spunk and Moxie will infuriate and beguile with its highly enjoyable auto-run platforming."-148Apps Editors Choice Award (4. 5/5)"There's a ton of replay value to be had here. Every challenge is a real test of your platforming skills."-Gamezebo"Spunk and Moxie will remind you of the best old school games, especially [games with] secret-laden treasure hunts."-jayisgames.com. In a secret lab, an evil scientist worked for years to create a formula that would give him extreme athletic powers - it didn't work out. So the formula sat alone in an empty warehouse, slowly mutating until it came to life and became Spunk and Moxie. Help Spunk and Moxie escape in this classic-style platformer with a fresh new twist; one-touch input gives the player full control over sliding, jumping and bouncing through 30 levels across 3 visually stunning themes; The Warehouse, Factory, and Laboratory. - Race the ghosts of other players to compete for the top score on online leaderboards. - Discover power-ups that let you smash, dash and fly. - Find the hidden keys to unlock secret cameo characters from other popular indie games including Super Meat Boy, Spelunky, and VVVVVV. - Optimized for normal and high resolution tablets and phones.
File Size38.38 MB
Operating System Android