Fat Cats

Tired of Fat Cats making our world their litter box? Crush these close-fisted kitties and restore the nations riches to the 99%. Catapult yourself against emblems of greed to take down penny-pinching Fat Cats. Featuring seven levels of game play, fun and fierce characters, and lots of replay value: Fat Cats equips you with people-powered weaponry to defeat the gluttonous Fat Cat Empire. Crash Helmet Guy, Rocket Pack Gal, The Little People, and Pterodactyl Man join forces against the villainous Fat Cats, Vultures, Market Bears, and Wolves-in Sheeps-Clothing to fight back against the corrosive power of major multinational corporations that have grabbed up all the cash. Join the up-rising and fight social injustice by taking to the skies as human slingshots. Battle today against the richest 1%ferocious felines, tight-fisted tigers, and miserly mouserswho are foreclosing on our future. Solidarity. Content rating: Everyone.
File Size35.84 MB
Operating System Android 2.3.3 - Android 2.3.7 Android 2.2 Android