A Game With Balls

Balls rain from the sky. In a chaotic frenzy you attempt to destroy them to no avail. You resign to your fate. At the last moment your mind becomes clear and you begin to... understand. Why destroy them? Why not brush them aside, effortlessly? You transcend, a mystical shield arises from inside. Now a tap of your finger can solve anything...Xperia Play OptimizedWHAT THE CRITICS SAY"AGWB is fun, challenging and long-lasting... quite frankly, its a breath of fresh air, too." - AppCritic (9/10 stars) "A highly enjoyable download that will keep gamers playing one session after another... more than worth the 99 cents it cost to own." - 148apps (4/5 stars)"From the simple, approachable, and ultimately incredibly fun gameplay, to the leaderboards, points system, and easy-to-access social elements... a must-buy for gamers on the go." - Gamezebo (4.5/5 stars)TUAW Daily App of the DayGameSpot Top Android Game of the Week----------------------------------------------------------- * How to Play o Protect your cannon! Push incoming objects to your sides by firing cannonballs at them. o One finger fires light balls, two fires heavy. Aim by tapping the screen! In tilt mode tapping the right side fires light balls and the left fires heavy balls. * Strategy Matters! o If youre not careful things can get too hectic, so firing a strategic small ball is often better than a pair of big ones. o Each object has different behaviors and hit reactions, so be sure to learn more about them before shooting wildly! Shooting some objects may help you and others may make things even worse. o Your score is determined by how long you last and how much you fire. The balls youre awarded let you unlock even more content. * 4 INFINITE Games in ONE!! o Each theme has different gameplay mechanics, songs, balls, difficulty modes, and more! See how long you can survive in each! o Collect all the Open Feint achievements to prove youre a true Ball Master! Check out the leaderboards to compare your times against the world. * More Content Coming Soon: o Additional themes, gameplay modes, new cannons, balancing changes, a shop, and more are on their way!IF YOU HAVE AN ISSUE WITH YOUR DEVICE PLEASE EMAIL US AT support@puppypunchpro.com. We will issue you an instant refund and attempt to fix your problem. Thanks!Recent changes:- Added a new game mode, Arcade: Power-ups and Cannons can now be used to help you defeat your foes - Added a brand new Shop. Balls earned in the game can be spent on unique new Cannons, Themes, & Power-ups. Balls can also be purchased in the Shop - Added 4 Power-ups: teslaSHIELD, dantesINFERNO, timeDILATION, & twinTURRETS - Added 3 Cannons with Special Secondary Attacks: Shotgun, Twinshot & Pulse -Integrated TapJoy into the systemContent rating: Everyone
File Size26.05 MB
Operating System Android 2.3.3 - Android 2.3.7 Android Android 2.2
System RequirementsCompatible with 2.2 and above.