A Shoot-Them-Up that teaches the skills of spatial memorization. Ew, that sounds terrible, let me write that again. A ShootEmUp that takes your teeth and feeds them to it's invisible guard dogs. Too aggressive? A while back I came upon an old game for the Atari called Moonsweeper. Back then alot of games were made for the Atari that it couldn't really handle and Moonsweeper was one of them. If ever there was too much going on, things would begin to flicker, including the player. Alot of the time, the player would disappear for seconds and the enemies and bullets would also. Most games it makes unplayable. But something about Moonsweeper, although it's really difficult, there's enough information about whats going on for you to play it. It makes you feel whats going on more, instead of reacting to what you see. I figured that would be an interesting concept to explore. A Shmup that focuses on pattern memorization. As your score goes up, everything on the screen goes slowly invisible, forcing you to survive in the dark. Note: No, the thing at the top is not cheese, it is the Sun.
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