Roach Rash

This game is absorbing in a good way and yet meditative. It's just what you need to relax for a couple of minutes and then return to your business with renewed energy. It's so simple that you'll get the point in a second. At the same time it's worth playing for months to improve your skill. No control keys, no mouse clicking - use just a few careful mouse movements to destroy insidious insects. Dead reckoning and mind presence are your weapons. There is no excess in this game, but all that is necessary is there. Just try it, and you'll see it stands out against ordinary arcades. There is a Symbian version available for Nokia smartphones. This version uses the build-in accelerometer sensor to measure the phone position and to tilt the table accordingly. So you just turn the phone in your hand and make the table tilt inside it! It looks as if there is a real tiny table and a ball inside your phone: you tilt it by hand, and the ball rolls as if real gravity affects it. Try and see! Look for Roach Rash 3D at the Ovi Store, or use banner link at
Price USD 0
License Free
File Size 735.12 kB
Version 1.1
Operating System Windows, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
System Requirements None