Castle Knatterfels - Curse of the Zombie Krauts

Don�?�´t miss this classic piece of zombie-bashing game fun spiced with a beauty cast of sexy screaming Pin Up Girls posing sinful in front of your camera-lense. Halloween the whole year round! 15 thrilling levels. Countless animated enemies with different power. 10 different zombie-bashing weapons. Breathtaking girls in 5 different photoshootings. Amazing soundtrack. Easy to play but hard to win. "Let me tell you, my friends, if only I had known what awaited myself and my girls here. I would have stayed with my cardboard backdrops of mountains and beaches and paid my taxes like a good, solid US citizen should. Because hell itself opened up for us, triggered by an electrical fault in my lighting equipment. How could i have known that a secret German research project was housed in the dungeons of my castle at the end of the second world war? A horror project out of hell, created by a sick, crazy mind. The dead were supposed to carry on fighting the war until the bitter end - reanimated by a terrible machine under the floors of my castle. They have already captured a few of my beautiful girls and put them through the machine�?�´s blood curdling processes, turning those sweet little things into cold, bloodless soldiers of the undead. I myself must now try to stop them - but my resources are pitifully weak. How long can I hold these monsters off with my puny weapons? Not long.
Price USD 9.99
License Purchase
Operating System Windows, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
System Requirements None