AcidSolitaire is a professional quality klondike-style solitaire game for Palm OS. AcidSolitaire supports full color and also runs great on non-color devices. Drag & Drop Card Movement High Resolution (320x320) and Normal Resolution (160x160) Color or Grayscale Standard Solitaire Play (Klondike) 1-Card or 3-Card Deal Auto-Turn and Auto-Move options On-Screen Battery Meter Left-Handed View Option Double-Tap Auto-Move Select Game By Number Sequential Game Play Non-Annoying Sound Effects with On/Off Option Nine Stats Including: Overall Win/Loss Record & Percentage Daily Win/Loss Record Win Streaks & Lose Streaks Time Played Grayscale Cards (Non-Color devices) Full Color Backgrounds (Color devices only) 8 Color Backgrounds Built-In Hong Kong Color Background Pack #1 Included Additional Free Color Background Packs End Of Game and Near End Of Game Detection Color Fireworks Display And many more details that will make you happy... AcidSolitaire is free to try for 12 days. Download and install it today!
File Size176.76 kB
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • Palm OS 2.0 or higher