Triclops is a fast paced animated puzzle game where strategy builds points. Simply tap on same colored triangles in groups of 3 or more. Triclops is a natural for the handheld because all you need is a stylus to play the game. This also makes Triclops easy to learn so you can start playing right away. Triclops is the perfect game when you have some time to kill. Rotate!! You can rotate the entire board fully with the tap of the stylus, left or right. The key to rotation is timing and direction, clearing a group of 3 or more same colored triangles immediately is not necessarily the way to success. Rotate strategically. Go for big points It is all about getting that high score. Color Bombs, area bombs and the infamous Triclops Eye help rack up those points. But be careful, if you tap in the wrong area you lose precious points and those sneaky Chameleons donâ??t make it easy for you. Select from 3 modes of play Normal: Survive one-minute levels with 9 rows of triangles Frantic: One-minute, only 5 rows of triangles and little room for error Puzzle: Four-minute game, great place to learn strategy
Price USD 5
License Purchase
File Size 68.36 kB
Version 1.2
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • Palm OS 3.5 ~ 5.x