Realm Walker

Realm Walker is a Role Playing Game(RPG) featuring 2000 levels of character development, items and weapons to equip your character, multiple terrains, Non Player Characters, opponents to battle, questing, 4 different character classes, and much more. View the screen shots to get a feel for the game or better yet give it a try, the first 4 levels per class giving you a total of 16 levels free! Game Description First 7 levels free. Each class allows 4 levels free for a total of 16 levels. Realm Walker is a turn based, graphical role playing game. This game includes 40 dynamically generated terrain creating infinite possibilities in the world surrounding you. Try your hand at a quest while slaying all the horrors plaguing the nearby villages. You, as the player, have the option of 4 different character classes. Unique to this game, classes can be switched as often as wanted. Warrior, Enchanter, Cleric, and Wizard make up the 4 distinct character choices. You start off as a level 1 warrior practically naked. Each class contains 500 levels for a total of 2000. Slowly but surely, by winning battle after battle you raise in levels, gaining money and experience. You may also talk the local inhabitants and get assignments or quests. All of this it will provide you with infinite character development possibilities. There are over 500 unique equip able items. From the most basic of clothing, tattered cloth, to the most durable and enhancing equipment, phoenix blessed blue chain. Weapons reaching from a rusty pick to the Swift sword of death. Pick and choose how well your character will be equipped. Not to mention all the different possible character enhancing objects. Try your hand at keeping low level armor while beating down monsters that are of an equal level. There are over 3000 uniquely designed spells to increase character potential, and damage your opponent. A short tease would include levitation, teleportation, regeneration, stun, theft of the monsters life force. Not to mention the additional 50 potions and scrolls included in this game. Manipulate your personal attributes with stacking capabilities, while reducing your vicious opponent to a pathetic shell of what it once was. Monsters range from as small as snakes and spiders to as large as a vampire and fire elemental. Some of the creatures have extended abilities such as flying, health drain, and regeneration, the monsters you will encounter are tough to beat, but well worth the risk. Realm Walker, with its variety of exciting adventures, is a great escape to another world all in the palm of your hand. With the game DEMO you can play the first 4 levels per class - that's a total of 16 levels - without registration.
Price USD 9.95
License Purchase
Version 3.10.01
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • Palm OS 3.5 or higher