Sequel to the first Tatum game. 99 years later. The people of the kingdom of ARTHYRER live under the fear of the evil Wizard AKRAN who lives in the castle named TATUM. After the challenge of part 1 where the player had to release the beautiful princess LAILA WANDA from the wizard. This made the wizard unbelievably furious so he took out his vengeance on the good people of ARTHYRER. He stole the happiness and laughter from the people. You the brave adventurer must help the people of ARTHYRER by returning the happiness and laughter to the people. When you are able to overcome the obstacles and traps hidden in the game you can release the happiness from the monster and the people will for ever be in your debt. To be successful you must be cunning and brave. The good spirit will help you in your quest only if you are clever with your words and you listen carefully to his advice. years later. an, AKRAN and his goblins robbed the laugh of the people and closed it in aThe bad magici chest. If you succeed in finding this chest and setting free the laugh, the eternal gratitude of the people is certain to you.
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Operating System Mobile
System Requirements<li>All Palm