Jewel Stack

Jewel Stack is an easy and absorbing game to play. By clicking on the appropriate positions for placing the similar type of gems, this game can be played endlessly. Make sure to fill it fast before the gems get filled automatically leading to a game over situation. Features: The game can be played endlessly by proper and timely movements. There is a high score table to enable the players to register their scores. Hint option is available. Being a timed game, the interest never ceases. The number of gems placed and the number remaining are displayed. For every stage the number of gems increases. Hint Option: The player can choose Hint On or Hint Off. The Hint On option indicates the position where the gem will fill up. Rules: To start the game lightly tap on the device screen. The gems move on the gem path on either side of the jewel box. The gem which has to be filled in the jewel box,will be selected randomly from the gem path. This game must be played, by timely positioning of 3 or more similar coloured gems, in any form. The gems will be erased when they are positioned. Bonus feature:Once the jewel box is arranged after the like colored gems are erased, if there is a formation of same colored gems from the previously fallen gem which was erased before, the new formation will also be erased(eventhough,only 2 gems disappears) as a bonus to the player. As the game is timed[a gem from either side may hit the other gems,which move continuously on the gem path ],if the player delays the gems will fill up automatically. The first stage ends after 100 gems have been positioned. In each stage the number of gems increases, depending on the number erased in the previous stage in addition to the initial 100. Every time 3 or more gems are erased, the following scoring pattern is observed.Set of green gems - 1 points. Set of orange gems- 2 points.Set of yellow gems- 3 points.Set of red gems -4 points. Set of gray gems -5 points.Set of sky blue gems -6 points. Set of dark blue gems - 7 points.Set of pebble - 8 points. Trial Version: Only stage 1 is enabled in the trial version. After purchase and registration, all stages of the game can be played.
Price USD 9.95
License Purchase
File Size 64.45 kB
Version 1.0
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • Palm OS 3.5 and above