Psycho Path Lite

Now in Hi-Res and Grayscale! Psycho Path is a way addictive pedestrian-crushing arcade in the best traditions of Carmageddon and GTA. Your very aim is to annihiliate those annoying little buggers on a busy road. Give it twists and turns in the ultimately futile efforts to scratch your PDA screen. Launching Psycho Path is like a reward at the end of a hard day. Something that takes out aggression, releives stress and puts a smile on your face. Psycho Path Features: Great visuals and fun amusing animations; Original "heart-warming" game plot; Easy, intuitive stylus control; AI characters with one's own behavior; Breath-taking in-game moments; Level-by-level andrenaline-style drive.
File Size431 B
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • Palm OS 3.5 or higher