PocketStats for Basketball

Now all teams can enjoy the benefits of the premier basketball statistics collection and analysis program for PalmOS - compatible devices. Capture comprehensive statistics with the tap of a stylus while simultaneously gathering scouting information on your opponent. View on-screen reports for quick analysis on various aspects of a team's or player's performance. Record the following events with the tap of a stylus: (1) Shot location and value, (2) Turnovers and violations, (3) Rebounds, (4) Fouls (personal & technical), (5) Free throws, (6) Assists, (7) Blocks, (8) Steals, (9) Jump balls, (10) Time outs, and (11) Substitutions. Export player game stats to a spreadsheet for both teams via MemoPad.
File Size228.52 kB
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • Palm OS 3.1 or higher