Tip-Tap is a board game in the spirit of Pilot Lines and others. It's a relaxation game more than a logic game, but at the same time it can be challenging if you bother to get in the details.The game is designed for all color handheld devices running Palm OS 3.5 and higher and takes advantage of the special capabilities such as high-resolution screen and MIDI sounds on devices that have them, such as the Sony Clie color series and the new Palm OS 5 devices from Sony and Palm, Inc.However, be advised that due to its nature and rules, Tip-Tap can only be played on color devices!Rules:The game rules are extremely simple: move each color ball to a cell marked with the same color. The mark is in the upper left or right corner of each cell.Balls can be moved one step (cell) at a time in horizontal or vertical direction. To move a ball, you must first select it by taping on it. The game will respond by indicating the possible ball movement directions, which are up, right, down or left. Note you can only move the ball to an empty cell. If, for example, the cell on the left is occupied by another ball, then you can not move there.Every time you move a ball, its place is automatically occupied by a new ball. You can see the color of the new ball before you do the movement. It is in the bottom right corner of the display, where the "Next:" label is.This helps you plan which ball to move to achieve best result.Every time a ball gets moved to a cell marked with the same color you gain points. Every time you move it away from such cell you lose points.Selected ball can also be bought and dismissed from the cell. To do so, tap the ball to select it and then tap the score field. The ball will be dismissed and you will be charged.
Price USD4.95
License Free to try
File Size 151.28 kB
Version 1.1
Operating System Mobile Palm
System Requirements Palm OS 3.5