Valence is a super-addictive puzzle game for your Palm! Race against time to build molecules in your mad scientist's laboratory. Use the four basic atom types to construct your creations, but watch out for those pesky unstable atoms that make your job even trickier. Five special atoms will appear along the way to help or hinder your struggle. Valence is specially-designed to take full advantage of your Palm-powered device, making it run smoothly and beautifully on almost all devices available today. (See Requirements and Compatibility below.) Full Color and Grayscale Support. Valence is optimized for color and grayscale Palm-powered devices. Sony CLIÉ High Resolution Support. Experience beautiful color graphics on supported Sony CLIÉ devices. Flash Memory Support. Run Valence from any supported flash memory card (MMC, SD, memory stick, etc.). Five Difficulty Settings. Choose from Practice to Insane to match your proficiency. Interactive Tutorial. A built-in tutorial steps you through how to play. Auto-Save. Your game is saved automatically whenever you have to take a break. High Scores. Track your high scores for each difficulty level. Left-Handed Screen Layout. Rearrange the screen layout to make the playing area easier to reach. Mute Setting. So you can play Valence in meetings, why else? Time/Battery Display. Make sure you don't play too long; watch the time and battery as you play. Pause. Pause the game at any time to switch to another application or take a break.
File Size243.16 kB
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • PalmOS 3.5 or later.
  • Any Palm-compatible device. (The high-res Handera models are supported, but the game
    may play sluggishly.)
  • 240KB memory available on Palm (or on expansion memory card).
  • 100KB free memory to play.