Tolemac's Time is a top-view, turn based, persistent adventure game built especially for the PalmOS. In this ever changing world you and your character will visit cities, explore dungeons, defeat monsters, find treasure and meet new friends. Tolemac's Time is the first wireless enabled adventure game for the Palm. In Tolemac's Time, the game world is ever changing and exists even when your not there. You will discover that new monsters, weapons, dungeons and quests are constantly being added to enhance the game world. This allows for a maximum gaming experience with no lulls in the action. As your character develops, the game world continues to develop. The game world even has its own economy. A character can buy and sell items to the shop keepers or trade with other game players. There is never a game to save. The server automatically saves your position and all of your characterâ??s data, so you can log off at any time. When you wish to continue, simply log back in and the game picks up where you left off. You can play 10 turns between phone calls or 100 turns on the train to work. The amount of time you play is up to you.
Price USD 0
License Purchase
File Size 19.53 kB
Version 2
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • Wireless Palm
  • Palm OS v3.5