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If you have ever dreamt to be a pilot, this is a game for you! AnotherBottle game for Palm OS 3.3 and higher is simple but very addictive: you can spend hours trying to steer your small helicopter through canyon full of obstacles. With AnotherBottle you will: find that helicoptering is exciting discover that it is not so easy become addicted to it surely forget what time is it now! AnotherBottle is available in two editions: for devices with color screen and for devices with black and white screen. The game is fully compatible with all Palm OS 3.3 and higher based devices (except HandEra 330) with high and normal screen resolution (note, that you should install different .prc files for color and grayscale screen devices). Demo-version limitation: you have 20 minutes of free playing.
Price USD9.75
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File Size 129.45 kB
Version 1.0
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • Any Palm OS
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