Legends Of Mystaris: The Flame Of Illean

Left as an orphan outside the Adventurer's Guild, you are determined to make your mark on the world. Seeking the legendary gemstone called The Flame Of Illean you journey to the remote mountain fastness of Vulkos, braving Fire Demons and the mad cult of the god Obenor in your quest. Those brave adventurers who have succeeded in retrieving the Flame of Illean are eligible for a listing in the "Hall Of Fame" at the Mystaris website. One Player's Comment: "WOW! Great Adventure for the $ The graphics are small but excellent quality and sufficient quantity to set the tone of the story. I had as much fun with this game on the small screen as I did Myst or Riven on my PC at 1/5th the price! Many characters play out differently depending on what character you are playing and what objects you have. I got a little obsessed with this game and could not quit playing it until I had won all four scenarios! Get a color Palm and play this game!"
File Size601.82 kB
Operating System Palm Mobile
System Requirements
  • The grayscale version requires PalmOS 3.1 or higher, the colour version Palm OS 3.5 or higher.