MagicTrak is a tool for building and analyzing Magic: the Gathering decks. Data for all cards from thecurrent Standard (Type II) tournament environment are included. You create new decks by giving them a title and then adding cards through an easy to use card search interface. For tournament players, each deck has both a main deck and a sideboard. The card database has information about each card including the name, mana cost, card type, expansion set, rarity, and power and toughness for creatures. You can view statistics for the deck including average mana cost, card type breakdown and rarity breakdown. There is also a graphical view of the mana curve of the deck. Deck tuning can be easily done by using the duplicate deck command. Changes can be made to the two decks and the statistics can be compared. Deck ideas may hit you anytime. Have MagicTrak with you so you don't lose the next great deck!
File Size55.66 kB
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • Any Hardware
  • Palm OS 2.0