AardWord PLUS (US Edition)

Improve your crossword skills with this easy-to-use dictionary searcher! Find words to fit any pattern within seconds. AardWord US Edition comes with the Enhanced North American Benchmark Lexicon (ENABLE) - probably the most comprehensive list of American English words available. All forms of each word are listed, including obscure plurals. This lexicon contains over 173,000 entries, in total 1.8 megabytes of data, compressed to just 700 KB to fit into your Palm handheld. Use it as a Scrabble dictionary or a general-purpose spelling checker too. Or even compile your own crosswords! Crossword enthusiast or crossword beginner? Need to solve that last annoying clue? Want to move on to harder crosswords, but need a helping hand? Want to win that crossword competition? How to use AardWord: simply write in the letters you know, and use a hyphen '-' for the letters you don't know. For example: type in '--a-pl-'. The AardWord search will give you 'example', 'grapple', 'reapply', 'sharply' and 'trample'.
File Size283.2 kB
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • Palm III
  • Palm OS 3.0