Your combination of touches determines what subroutines Fembot performs. Try and find all 100, or just play with your favorite ones. Moves are started by a simple double-tap or combination of two swipes, taps, a tap and a swipe, or longer combination (but not much longer). Your Fembot can do many moves, actions, gestures, and even dance for you! She will wave, slap, cough, fire a bow and arrow, do the macarena dance, paint, mime, laugh, line dance, flex her muscles, salute, swim, or perform a summoning spell, and much more all at your command.Version 1.2 added list of discovered routines on information page, and includes bugfixes.
File Size33.57 MB
Operating System iPhone OS 2.x Mobile
System RequirementsRequires iPhone 2.2.1 software update