Challenge the limit of your eye-hand coordination and response. If you like bop-it, you should not miss Xhake Shake. A game even PSP and NDS can't do, only your iPhone or iPod Touch can do! A new game designed to fully utilize the built-in accelerometer and touch screen of your iPhone. Rather than an old "ported" games which use the accelerometer and touch screen to replace joy-pads and buttons. And probably for the first time ever, you can really SIGN your name for new high score! Get ready! Watch the visual instruction and take the correct action instantaneously: - SHAKE your iPhone/iPod Touch - FLIP OVER your iPhone/iPod Touch - TAP TWICE on the screen - RUB on the screen - FREEZE..... or it will "Bomb" you FEATURES - Fully utilize the built-in accelerometer and touch screen - Rich color graphics and animated user interface - Exciting sound effects - Three different levels (Fast, Faster, Extreme) - Training Courses before you take the challenge - Sign (rather than typing) your name when you get a new high score
File Size1.62 kB
Operating System iPhone OS 2.x Mobile
System Requirements
  • iPhone or iPod touch