Game of strategy and logic. The objective is to win Palm commanding to 3 georms (geometric forms) equal. Click you in an one of the forms time and click in the house where it desires that georm goes. Georms equal in the vertical line or horizontal line plays against the Palm to compose 3, them will disappear and the Palm will go to place more being tried block it. Georms if moves how many houses you to desire for any position, respecting the field of movement represented for crosses in the field, beyond the houses blocked for locks where in the following movement they will be substituted by others georms. In three levels. In English. Only for palm colored. By E-mail. Free only for users of the games of Handcase the GameScore to you organize all your moves for any type of game, ours game, console, arcade, pc or web.
Price USD10
License Purchase
Version 1.0
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • 77KB RAM