Shanghai Pocket Essentials Mah-Jongg

The Definitive Mah-Jongg for Palm Powered Handhelds Shanghai Pocket Essentials is a modern, solitaire version of the same named ancient oriental game, based on Activision's Shanghai Mah-Jongg series. LandWare has brought the graphics and play options to the handheld platform. Built on a custom engine using standard Activision graphics and layouts, the handheld version brings desktop game performance to your handheld. You can even create your own layouts, up to five levels deep, right on your handheld. Second Generation Palm OS Gaming Shanghai now comes to life with its support of the new handheld's high-density 320x320 pixel screen. Rewritten to take advantage of the new Palm OS 5 high-resolution graphics API, Shanghai's graphic enhancements make title sets incredibly life like. The program now much more faithfully reproduces the beautiful graphics of Activision's original desktop classic. Classic Mah-Jongg on your Handheld Shanghai� Pocket Essentials provides you with nine high-quality tile sets. You can switch tile sets at any time by selecting your choice from the preferences. Some tile sets have exact matching pieces, while others (like Mathematics) match through logical pairs (i.e. 8+5, 13). Over 100 Shanghai Layouts Choose from over 100 of Activision's standard Shanghai layouts categorized in six groups: Kid Layouts, Quickies Advanced, Quickies Normal, Standard Advanced, Standard Easy, and Standard Normal. Choose a layout yourself or let Shanghai surprise you by randomly selecting the layout for your next game. Built-in Layout Editor Want to spin your own layout? You can with the built-in layout editor. Create a new layout from scratch or get a head start by copying one of the many built-in standard Activision layouts. Create your own challenging design simply by tapping on the screen, stacking them up to 5 tiles high. Four Game Modes/Two Levels of Difficulty In addition to the standard Shanghai mode (select movable matching pairs) and Contemplation (same rules, but the tiles are face down), you have two additional choices: Path 2D where you can only remove matching pairs that can be connected by a line with two or fewer turn and must be on the same plain, or Path 3D which has the same rules as Path 2D but the tiles can be on any plain. Are you up to the challenge? Play with 36 unique tiles or simplify things by using only 24 unique tiles. The choice is yours but either way, you're in for hours of fun. The following 9 Tile Sets are Included: - Calculate- Egyptian - Fantasy - India - Japanese - Kids Room - Outer Space - Prehistoric - Samurai Record your Completed Games After a successfully completing a game (removing all tiles) your results will be kept in the Scores tab of the Options dialog. Along with your elapsed time, the date, layout, play mode, game number and the number of hints will be recorded.
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • Palm OS 3.0 or later