Lunar Lockout

The Object of the Game: Shut down those onboard computers before they shut you down for keeps! You're outside the Lunar Mothership in your spacepod -- locked out by a computer mutiny. With the aid of your loyal Helper-Bots, you must maneuver your Pod to the Emergency Entry Port at the center of the MotherShip's Landing Grid. Most of your systems have been shut down. You still control the forward, reverse, and side-to-side jet thrusters of your spacepod and your Helper-Bots. There's only one problem -- once you start a move, it can't be stopped unless blocked by another Bot or by your Pod. Without a block, you or a Bot could overshoot the landing grid and be hopelessly lost in space. Set up the correct "blocks" and you'll reach the Emergency Entry Port, reenter the Mothership, shut down those rogue computers, and save the Lunar Mission. Good Luck!
Price USD 10
License Purchase
File Size 12.7 kB
Version 1.0
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • Palm