TS-Apprentice is an assistant to help speed play in D&D. It has the following features: - Follows the Third Edition D&D combat rules. - Automates combat for the DM. You can enter a monster’s stats, select the monster as an attacker, select who is in range of the monsters,and then automatically roll attacks for each of the monsters. For example, if you have 6 Bug Bears attacking four party members, you can select the Bug Bear’s "weapon", select the four party members, click attack, choose 6 from the pop-up menu, and a screen will be displayed showing which character each bug bear attacked, whether they hit or not and if they hit, how much damage they did. - Automates combat for players. You can enter up to five weapons for each character (If you have more than five, you can just create more characters.) On the Encounter screen, you select which weapon(s) you want to attack with, select attack and choose how many attacks you want to make from the pop-up menu, and a screen will be displayed showing which weapons hit which AC and how much damage they would do. (Assuming the AC was high enough to hit) In the case of a possible critical hit, it shows which AC was hit the first time, and the AC that was hit the second time, and shows both damage numbers. - Tracks hit points for the entire party. (Usually on the Pilot used by the DM.) When the DM uses auto combat, the damage is automatically deducted from each character as they are hit. - The encounter screen lets you Heal, Hurt and Heal All individual party members as needed. (Healing and damage spells.) - Automatically rolls Saving Throws. When you create your character, you can choose the value of the three saving throws from pop-up lists, and then tap the label of the saving throw to roll it. - Automatically rolls Attribute Tests. Like saving throws, add your attribute bonus for each of the six attributes, and then tap the attribute label to make the test. - Rolls up to 30 dice. From the Die Rolling Screen, tap how many sides you want the dice to have, and how many you want to roll. The screen will display each roll, the total of all rolls, half and quarter totals. - Stores up to 50 characters and/or monsters. - It’s FREE!
Price USD0
License Free
File Size 66.41 kB
Version 1.8
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • Palm OS 3.0