Coinz is an original puzzle solitaire game from beelogic that puts instant fun in your pocket. You should give a try to this simple, yet addictive game, to realize its value-for-money appeal.The aim is to pick up all the coins from the game board by jumping from one coin to another. Valid jump destinations depend on the value of the source coin; the higher the value of the coin, the further you can move. It may look straightforward now, but if you do not plan your moves carefully.. you'll be in trouble!You can download a free evaluation version featuring the "easy" game mode. By registering, you'll get a registration code to remove the shareware nags and to enable the locked modes: normal, hard and (the challenging) master mode.
Price USD 4.95
License Free to try
File Size 29.3 kB
Version 2.0
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • Palm OS 2.0