Introducing GolfPad, an easy-to-use golf scoring pad for your Palm organizer. Unlike many scoring programs which present you with one screenful of information for each hole, GolfPad's key asset is its simplicity. Similar to a paper scoring card, you are presented with one screen of information for the front 9 holes, and one screen of information for the back 9 holes. When you are out on the course, the last thing you want to do is mess with your stylus and enter complex information. GolfPad's screen has four tappable zones, highlighted and discussed below : Zone 1: Up to four players' initials are listed across the top. Simply tap on one of them, and GolfPad will prompt you for new initials. The dialog that appears will also give you the ability to change player handicaps. These handicaps are automatically calculated into the totals in zone 4 (see below). Zone 2: Hole numbers are listed along the left side, with par numbers listed in parenthesis. For example, above you will see that hole 5 has a par of 4, and hole 6 has a par of 3. To change the par for any hole, simply tap on it, and GolfPad will ask you to enter the new par value. Zone 3: Player strokes for each hole are displayed in the center of the screen. Here's where GolfPads simplicity really comes into play. In the picture above, you will see square"+" and "-" buttons on the top of the screen. Since the "+" button is currently highlighted, tapping on any of the player stroke areas will increment that value. For example, if a player finishes out hole #3 with four strokes, simply tap on that value four times! Most of the time you will be incrementing values, but if for some reason you need to reduce any value (for example if you accidentally added one too many strokes), just tap on the "-" button, then tap on the value you wish to reduce. Zone 4: This is where the totals are displayed. If you are displaying the Front 9 sheet, the totals are only relavent to the front 9 holes. However, if you are displaying the Back 9 sheet, the totals are relavent to the entire course. In the bottom-left of the screen you see the label "Total Par". This means the total row is showing the amount each player is over/under par. Tapping on zone 4 will change the label to read "# strokes", and the total row will then show the number of total strokes for each player.
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • PalmOS 2.0