GOALstatsPRO is simply the MOST POWERFUL Soccer stats program on the planet, and now it got better!In use at High Schools, Colleges and Premier Club teams in the US, England and France! No bigger than your hand because it installs on your Palm or Handspring PDA! Is incredibly full featured. Now with 20 stats (16 fully programmable)with PopUp menu. * Count up Game Clock. * Time of Possession/playing time Clock. * Integrated NotePad. * Pause Button for High School and College game timeouts. *The ability to Save to the MemoPad * Copy and Paste into your spreadsheet the next time you HotSync! *Custom stats are added to PopUp Menu...write them only once! GOALstatsPRO has all that PLUS *Individual Player Stats. *Playing Time for each Player! *Field Stats...Now you'll know WHERE the shots (or Offsides or whatever YOU choose!) are coming from!
Price USD 39.95
License Purchase
File Size 62.5 kB
Version 1.5
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • Palm III
  • Palm OS 3.0