Snake Byte

SnakeByte is a classic arcade game. We are not sure where the Snake games originate from, but we are quite sure their popularity exploded by the time of the first personal computer like Atari and Apple. Beiks is proud to present to the Palm OS world a very close copy of the Apple ][ classic of SnakeByte. The game look and feel and the level design are as close match to the original as possible. The game itself, however, has been re-written from the ground up. Rules Player controls the snake movement and must eat the apples on the screen. Anything that's not an apple must be avoided, and that includes walls and nasty plums, even the snake's own tail. The more apples the snake eats, the longer its tail. Obviously, there is a limited space on the playing field, so the snake must: avoid borders, plums and its own tail; eat all the apples on the screen before the time is up (watch the lines at the sides of the screen); eat as much apples as possible (to get higher score); escape to the next level when an opening becomes available; get as high score as possible. Scoring Points are being awarded for every apple eaten. There are some additional rules, though, that will make it more interesting for hardcode gamers (and our experience shows most Snake players are): there are bonuses for passing a level without a crash! The more levels without crashing, the higher the bonus awarded. Scoring also depends on the game difficulty; playing on "Hard" with two plums brings more points than playing on "Easy". Controls The snake can be guided by pen, by direction buttons (4 buttons) or by turn buttons (2 buttons). Navigating by pen is always possible, but the direction and turn buttons are alternative choices, which must be indicated through the application's Menu/Options. Use the arrow square at the top of the screen to navigate the snake by pen. Use the PageUp/PageDown buttons along with the inside two hardware buttons (usually the Address Book and the ToDo) to navigate the snake by indicating the direction to go; handhelds with 5-way navigator (Tungsten W, Tungsten C, Zire 71 etc.) can as well use the navigator. Alternatively to specifying directions, the snake can also be controlled by indicating which way to turn - left or right; the turn is always relative to the current snake direction, which makes this mode very fun experience for novice users. Use the inside PIM buttons (usually Address Book and ToDo) for left and right turns respectively. The leftmost PIM button is used for Pausing the game; the rightmost PIM button (usually MemoPad) is used for resuming the game and for starting a new game; devices with 5-way navigator can also push the rocker.
LicenseFree to try
File Size45.78 kB
Operating System Mobile Palm
System RequirementsPalm OS 5