Like most of the good things in the world , Sticks is fairly simple and yet truly addictive. Your goal is to clear the pile of sticks hanging around the playing field in complete mess, but as you think where to start from somebody (think of it as the bad spirit of your neighbor) throws another one at the top of it. You must think fast. The 12 game levels will take your time and test your reactions and sharp eye. There's enough sticks for everyone and it could be a good idea to offer a friend to beat your time on 10th level if you dare. Some of us used to get (or lose) a good deal of money in the past with the PC version of the game - don't try this at school, kids. Sticks is definitely the best way to get your Palm to the repair services. If you wonder whether to get a new color Palm and feel nostalgia about the old one, Sticks can quickly help you forget about it...who needs a broken Palm after all?
LicenseFree to try
File Size22.14 kB
Operating System Mobile
System RequirementsPalm OS 2.0