Biplane Ace

Europe, 1917 - The Western Front; Brave young pilots dogfight it out for mastery of the skies! Armed with machine guns and protected only be canvas and wood, they pull death-defying aerial acrobatics to gain the crucial advantage. Band, roll, loop, then Dakadakadaka! Belching thick black smoke, the shattered biplane spirals towards the ground and another pilot bails out and parashoots to the ground, shaking his fist and vowing to wreak revenge on his adversary! Astraware Biplane Ace gives you a top-down view of all the action. You take the part of one of the prospective 'flying aces' trying to earn fame and renown by battling against pilots from around the world. Twist and turn, duck and weave and when you're on your opponent's tail let the machine gun rip!
File Size248.05 kB
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • Palm OSÃ?â??Ã?® 3.0 or above