Reversi (Othello)

Reversi (Othello) is a strategic board game: two players compete on a square board with 64 fields (8 rows and 8 columns). You can play against your device or you can play with a friend using your device as a game board - just select the proper types for the two players when starting a new game. Nice graphics, fast computer opponent, human vs. human play mode and online scores posting! Fast artificial opponent with difficulty settings; Human vs. Human play mode; Online scores posting - be a winner and get a title for free; High and low resolution skins, including a skin for grayscale devices like Zire 21; 5-Way Navigator support – play without a stylus (play with hard buttons only, too); Wave sounds on Palm OS 5 (and above) devices; Sparkling colors, smooth animation and excellent graphics in all the game screens. Features: Online High Scores! Get Any Title For Free! 5-Way Navigator Support High Resolution (HiRes) Support Tungsten T3 Supported! Treo 600 Smartphone Supported! Palm OS 5 Ready! Zire 21 Ready
File Size778.32 kB
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • Palm OS 3.5 or above