Tournament Games

Since 1997, Tournament Games has been the leader in casual game tournaments. All of our games are free to download. Get your free username to compete in the tournaments, and we will give you Free Game Credits to try our premium tournaments. From the Tournament Console, you can choose from any of 9 full screen DirectX games, including Tournament Solitaire, Pool, Pinball, Make 13, Jack Black, Fast Match, and Triple Stars. There are thousands of tournaments running 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Competitors are grouped into different skill ranks to make game play fair. Tournament Solitaire is a Klondike style Solitaire game that is quite possibly the best Solitaire game available. Each tournament allows the player to experience many of the hundreds of game option combinations, keeping the game fun and exciting. TGPool is a simple to play yet VERY REALISTIC Pool simulator, where all the fun of billiards is enjoyed without worrying about the confusing rules of the different variations of the game. The goal is to sink as many balls as you can in the shortest time possible. Full shot control, prefect ball physics, and the easy to use Shot Guide will make TGPool your favorite pool simulator after your very first game. Pinball Bingo is a One-of-a-Kind 3-D pinball game where you aim for the different targets to complete your Bingo card. Each new ball represents a different letter. Hit the center table target to change the ball letter. Get all the targets for any letter and get HUGE bonuses. Also available are Triple Stars and Mega Stars. Both are Tri-Towers style Solitaire, boasting fast action, easy play and superb, full-screen graphics. Fast Match is a fast paced tile matching game similar to Mahjong, but with easily identifiable game tiles which are easy on they eyes and on the mind. This makes the game playable time after time without eye fatigue, or the frustration of making your move choices. Mental Blocks is a Collapse style game where you remove grouped blocks in a race against the clock. Remove larger groups of blocks as the timer is at its highest point to receive the largest possible scores. Make13 is a card game where you pair up matches that add up to 13. Make your plays as fast as you can for larger scores, and clear each play field to progress to the next level. All of our games have one thing in common that set them apart from the rest of the online game crowd, and that is, Arcade Quality Full Screen Gameplay. Enjoy our games today.
License Free
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