Hot Air

The game play in Hot Air involves navigating a hot air balloon from its green starting platform to the red landing platform within each level. To succeed you must maneuver around obstacles and onto platforms, collecting keys to open gates while avoiding just about everything that will make the balloon pop. Much easier said than done. The mouse controls a little whirling fan that will influence the balloon's movement when the mouse button is pressed and moved near the balloon. If any part of the balloon or dangling basket touches anything except for the brightly colored platforms, you must start the level again. There are 20 levels to unlock in all. For each level you complete, the next one will unlock. Five (5) bonus levels can be unlocked as well by earning stars. Collect all of the stars within a level and then land successfully on the red platform to earn that level's star.
Price USD 0
License Free
Operating System Webware
System Requirements Webware