Pest Control

You are the exterminator, your job: kill the bugs. You run through a wide variety of scenarios including different kinds of bugs, all timed, with slightly different win conditions. It's WarioWare with a swatter, and it (mostly) works. The game is split into several levels that each have nine scenarios to beat. Each scenario involves a different kind of insect. For instance, in one you'll need to swat 40 flies in 30 seconds; in another you'll need to swat the bees without getting hit by their stingers, all in less than 25 seconds. The gameplay is simple: you control the position of a swatter with the mouse, and when you click, it swats. You must complete every challenge to unlock and advance to the boss scenario for the level, and you can replay them in any order to try for a higher score.
Price USD 0
License Free
Operating System Webware
System Requirements Webware