Thin Ice

By skating circles around these strange creatures you cause them to sink into the pond, where they presumably die of hypothermia. Freeze all of the things that are different from you to win and move on to the next charmingly snowy level, but don't fall into the holes cut into the ice yourself or you'll lose about 25% of your health meter. The game's interface is fluid as a snowflake that melts before you can show anyone: Simply click the mouse to skate and move the mouse to adjust the direction that your skater moves. This results in a really gentle adjustment that allows you to lace beautiful patterns all around. While you're sinking beasts into the lake, you can also pick up treats like ice cream and letters that spell "Bonus" which gives you points. Elegant and pristine with very nice pixel art filling out the sides.
Operating System Webware
System RequirementsWebware