Cheese Dreams

The sleepy ball of cheese bounces on its own, you can only control direction using the [arrow] keys. Slopes make it difficult to progress, as one would expect, and must be tackled with carefully timed bounces to get the most forward progression out of your air time. Stars are scattered throughout the purple-laden spaceship and are tallied into your score at the end of the level. Enemies can only be avoided, so... avoid them! Pipes throughout the levels transport you across the stage and blast you upwards for some extra hang time. Use them to traverse dangerous territory or to climb onto platforms otherwise inaccessible. You'll spend most of your time dealing with mice in balls and mice in wheels, however. Rolling balls and turning wheels is accomplished by bouncing on one of the edges over and over again, slowly tilting the orb to one side. Nitrome makes clever use of these familiar puzzles in a few places, and when combined with other environmental objects (reverse gravity buttons, anyone?), make for a very interesting time.
Operating System Webware
System RequirementsWebware