In Mutiny, you play as a pirate crew using an assortment of strange weapons to blow up or drown the other team. Each unit has a health meter, and if it hits 0 or a blast knocks them into the water below, that unit is dead. The last team standing is the winner. Select a unit by clicking on them, then choose an action. Drag away from the unit, like stretching a rubber band, and use the aiming line to predict where your shot will go. You move characters in the same way, by throwing them from one place to another, and you get one free throw before that unit uses a weapon. Single-player mode will put you against 15 maps full of pirates, squid, skeletons, and other creatures. In multiplayer, you can select any of the maps to duke it out with a friend on, but only at the same computer.
Price USD 0
License Free
Operating System Webware
System Requirements Webware