Music Bounce

The gameplay is set to an 8-beat musical loop. Click on a gate once to activate it, and once more to deactivate. Once you turn on a gate, every 8 beats it will release a destructive ball, which will travel from left to right, ricocheting off bricks as it encounters them. Destroyed bricks regenerate over the course of that same 8 beats, and you can only pass a level by keeping them all inactive simultaneously, even if it's only for a moment. Therefore, if you set the correct gates to fire at the correct times, the bouncing trajectories should hit every target, all within the same short period of time. Each level imposes a limit on the number of gates you can activate, indicated in the sidebar on the far left. There are a hefty 50 levels to tackle, but the reward for completing a level in Music Bounce goes beyond the mere satisfaction of victory. Each rectangle you strike releases an instrumental tone or drum sample, and thus their rhythmic destruction can produce a back beat, a bass line, or a melody, depending on how the level is designed. Each level is both a puzzle and a musical arrangement. Like all the games at Let's Make a Game, Music Bounce comes with a level editor, so you can compose your own brainteasing soundscapes.
File Size100 kB
Operating System Webware
System RequirementsWebware