The objective and gameplay of Toriflash is nearly identical to its predecessor, although obviously toned-down in both graphics and physics so that it could be ported to flash. Two fighters stand side-by-side. You play Tori, the red fighter, and your opponent is Uke, the blue fighter. By manipulating eight different joints (shoulders, elbows, hips and knees) target attacks toward your opponent to score as many points as possible. Just as in Toribash, the characters are subject to rag doll physics; the goal being to contract or extend various joints in order to spring your warrior into action. Just a click of the mouse extends or contracts each joint, causing a number of different actions when used in combination. In each match, you have 500 "frames" in which to fight your opponent. After setting your initial joint manipulations, a single tap of [space] will begin the match. The timer will freeze every 30 frames (or one second) to allow you to re-adjust your joints and attempt to perform new moves, or perfect one in progress. If you'd like the action to speed up, just hold down [space] and the frames will go by without stopping.
Operating System Webware
System RequirementsWebware