CrowdChess is a revolutionary idea, destined to change the game of chess forever. It is a fascinating social platform all about pushing the boundaries of human intelligence. A platform to see what happens when thousands of people from all over the world with diverse ethnical, cultural and educational backgrounds, of different age and social status have a common goal in mind and are working in tandem on solving the same problem together and outsmarting their opponent. Whose strategy, foresight and vision are superior, is the ultimate question.Players sign-up to play CrowdChess and are randomly selected to play on either white or black team. After signing up, players are able to enter into their teams Play Room, where they have the ability to do such things as introduce new moves, vote for and comment on already proposed ones, see real time game stats, think in distraction free DeepThink mode and chat with fellow CrowdChess teammates, to name a few.
Price USD 0
License Free
Operating System Webware
System Requirements None