QuikMind is a mastermind type game for the Palm OS. The aim of the game is to solve a puzzle consisting of colored pegs. In the beginning, the computer generates a puzzle with random colors (hidden from the player). The player then has up to 12 turns to try and guess those colors, matching both the color and the position of the peg within the puzzle. After making a new guess, the player hits the check button, and the computer displays hints based on the player's current guess. A black hint means that one of the pegs in the player's guess has both the correct color and the correct place. A white hint means that a peg's color is correct (i.e. that color is used in the puzzle) but its place is wrong. Based on those hints, the player then makes a new guess. The game goes on like this, until the puzzle is solved or until the 12th guess is made, after which the game is over.
LicenseFree to try
File Size13 kB
Operating System Mobile Palm OS 4.x Palm OS 3.x
System RequirementsPalm OS 3.5/4.x/5.x