Connex is a compact multi-game compendium for any 'Pocket PC' computer, packed with many game variants and features. The 'Free' demo or 'Shareware' version of the program has 5 game variants fully enabled - 'Connex', 'Gomoku', 'Contax', 'TicTacToe', and 'DontConnex4'. A further 14 game variants (+ 'User defined' games where you can enter rules and design your own!) are available to registered customers. All this in a program that only takes 50K of your valuable PocketPC RAM memory! Features: Really nice graphics and animation. Very easy to use. Uses sophisticated intelligent search - just select level from 'Easy' to 'X seconds per move'. Intuitive tape control buttons step backward or forward through game. Save and reload/replay interesting games at a later date. Play against the computer (default), another human, or even watch Connex play against itself. If stuck, ask computer for a hint. 'Setup' mode allows you to enter any position and freely edit the pieces on the board. And much more!
LicenseFree to try
File Size95.5 kB
Operating System Pocket PC 2000 Mobile
System RequirementsPocket PC