From the developer: Conquer is a single player real-time military strategy game for Color Palm OS devices. The scenario is simple: use your Blue army to wipe the enemy Red army off of the map. Use your ground, air and water units to explore the dynamically generated terrain, locate and mine mineral resources to build more units, find the enemy, and kill them all. The strategy features: dynamic terrain with your choice of map size and land/water ratio makes every game different; create ground, air and water units: drones, marines, tanks, cannons, missile launchers, factories, mines, airports, scout and fighter aircraft, transport helicopters, submarines, destroyers, and aircraft carriers. 'Fog of War' can be turned off while learning the game, then turned on for maximum challenge. Tune the computer player AI for your playing ability with Easy, Medium and Hard settings. Units have real-time autonomous behavior.
Price 9.99
License Free to try
File Size 105.52 kB
Version 1.0
Operating System Palm OS 3.x Mobile Palm OS 4.x