From the developer: ""Bounza for Pocket PC is a fast paced action game based on the arcade classic Breakout. Of course Bounza adds something new which makes it even more challenging to play: You can move the paddle freely around the level giving you total control over the ball. ""The aim of the game is to clear out 50 levels by hitting all the bricks with the ball that can be pushed with a paddle controlled with the stylus. The harder you push the ball the more it will accelerate. Similarily you can change the ball?s direction, slow it down, or even stop it. There are more than thirty brick types that will trigger different effects when hit by the ball: Some accelerate the ball in arbitrary directions, others toggle gravitational fields that influence the ball?s movement. Exploding bricks release dangerous splitters and Anti Paddle Mines should better not be touched with the paddle. There are teleporters and bricks that change the ball?s or the paddle?s size.""
Price USD11.95
License Free to try
File Size 1.24 MB
Version 1.0
Operating System Mobile Pocket PC 2000
System Requirements Pocket PC